Viking Music - Yggdrasil

by Sam Marks

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A track I composed about the great Norse tree Yggdrasil.

This is my understanding of what Yggdrasil is in relation to Norse Mythology:

Yggdrasil is a giant Ash Tree and the tree of life. It is in the centre of Asgard, where the Gods live, and its branches stretch out over the nine worlds and up beyond the heavens. There are three main roots to Yggdrasil, the first being in Asgard. The second root goes down to Jotunheim, which is the land of the giants. The third root goes down to Niflheim.

Please feel free to discuss and correct me on my Norse Mythology as I am Australian and am fairly distant from this Mythology =]

I wrote this music to the idea of Yggdrasil and what it may feel like to be there.


You may use this music free of charge for any purposes that are NOT commercial, just make sure you firstly contact me before using it, and then credit me for my work and add links to my pages. If you would like to use any of my music for commercial purposes (inclusive of ANY business or money making forms) then you must contact me directly here or at - email is preferable.


released January 23, 2015
All music composed by Sam Marks.

I found the artwork at

If the artist could please contact me so I can credit them I would appreciate that. It is an amazing artwork and I would like them to receive full credit. I would also like to send links to your other work and possibly use your other works for music I will be uploading.



all rights reserved


Sam Marks Sydney, Australia

Sam is an aspiring film composer who is currently studying a bachelor of composition at the Sydney Conservatorium of Music, while previously receiving a bachelor in audio production from SAE Institute.

Sam is able to compose in a range of styles; Film styles (broad term), Orchestral styles, Celtic, Limited styles, Pagan, Rock, Heavy Metal, Folk, Sound Scapes and designs, Lyrics, and many more.
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